Up in the Workshop

1 July 2009

Packing . . .  I am finally packing stuff down it’s starting to look like I’m leaving.  Too bad the original plan was to try to leave today! Yeah, right—in a perfect world, in which I do not live . . .

So, since I didn’t leave today and I won’t be there by Saturday for the crafter workshops I was so curious about . . . I’m no longer feeling much pressure to leave ASAP.  I think . . . perhaps I’ll hit the road on Saturday?  I am blessed by knowing I have wonderful people up there already getting the booth prepped.  Thank you to Sean and Amber and Maron and Kat and anyone else who has been helping!  You guys rock!

In the process of moving stuff out of my workshop, I placed this old dress form on top of my cutting table to get her out of my way.  I looked up at her at one point and thought, “what a fun photo opp!”  Unfortunately, the idea was much cooler in my head.