Just some of what I'll miss

30 June 2009

It was a very rough day in the workshop.  The project I’ve been working on is NOT going to plan.  I’ve re-patterned, re-cut, and re-worked it until I can look at it no more.  At least not without tears.  This doesn’t happen very often, but, apparently it does still happen.  <sigh>

So, although I had the camera in the workshop thinking I’d take a photo of the project as it developed toward completion . . . I snapped a photo of something else entirely.  And not very exciting, either.  But, this is one of the many shelves of fabric at my fingertips that I will miss while I’m away thi summer.  This particular shelf holds many of my lining fabrics . . . I can always count on being able to grab something from here that will work.  In Wisconsin, I’m afraid I may have to stop work and hit a fabric store when I really just need something from this shelf. 

We did go grab a very enjoyable dinner tonight with friends at No Frills.  Jill and Brett were there, Kelly and Bert and Ron and Allyson and Rod all joined us, too.  It was a good time and a nice opportunity to say “bye and see ya in September.”