Remnants of Breakfast

28 June 2009

We have oft discussed the virtues of our favourite new tradition . . . Bloody Mary Sundays. So, no need to go on about it more, today. My photo is of the kitchen counter at the end of the day.  But, today was made more special by the presence of Mandy, one of the dear girls who helped us start this tradition at Scarborough this spring. Mandy was in town for a class reunion, and we had made plans weeks ago for her to join us this morning.

She arrived a little too late for me to cook eggs, so we enjoyed our bloody marys, talked Yoville, and watched football.  Kyle headed to No Frills to meet Terrill and Bryan  to watch the Confederations Cup Final, and Mandy and I joined them for lunch.   We hung out there quite a while, and then after swinging by the house, we soon headed out to BlackFinn’s for dinner with Denise and Ken.  

I hate all these goodbyes!  I miss everyone so much when I leave for Bristol.  But, of course, I am blessed to have amazing friends there, too, so it’s bittersweet.  I do think that this year will be easier—it’ll be my first summer with Facebook!  I just mentioned to Kyle last night that already, it was feeling a little less traumatic to leave—-I’m not going to a big, black hole of a place I haven’t “seen” in a year.  I “talk” to my friends there, chat, play games with them,  see their status updates  . . . it makes the world seem smaller and more warm and fuzzy. 

So, I said my summer goodbyes to Ken and Denise, and then to Mandy as we got her on the road toward Austin —badly as we wanted to keep her!  She had a pup to get home to, and we have a busy week ahead.