25 June 2009

The days I have left here at home this summer are winding down.  One of the things that always means to me, is remembering, even more than usual, to appreciate the little things.  Like every time Kyle fills my coffee cup or pours me a glass of wine without me asking for it.  And how much I’ll miss that while I’m away.  And, it makes me do silly things, too, like spelling “I love you” with the fruit I serve to him for breakfast.  Goofy, I know, but, what can I say?

The other thing that happens just before I go away, is that we try to squeeze in visits with as many friends as possible.    For me, it really started back a couple of weeks ago, with the scrapbooking.  And, in the coming days, we’ll get together with everyone we can.  Today, it was lunch with Kathleen! 

My photo today is of the sign I parked under at the Chili’s where we ended up having lunch.  (Who knew the Fuddruckers at Irving Mall was gone?)   It’s the sign for a maternity store called Motherhood—-I was amused that every available space between letters seemed to be well-used by the local pigeon population.   Motherhood, indeed!

After lunch, Kyle went back to the office, and I let myself be convinced —ooooh, the arm-twisting! 😉 — to go shoe shopping with Kathleen!  I was actually there in an advisory capacity <grin> since I love, love, love shoes and shoe shopping, and Kathleen has a brand new suit she needed to accessorize.  It was wonderful to be able to use my skills to help a friend! <tee hee>

Our little excursion to the mall turned into a bit of an adventure over a missing purse . . . no, not mine.  I can’t wander away from my piece of luggage without instantly missing the huge weight on my shoulder.  But, Kathleen doesn’t regularly carry a purse, and well . . . we were distracted by shoes!  We backtracked and hunted, and alerted authorities.  It’s a scary thing, knowing your wallet and keys and cell phone are all in one place . . . lost.  But, ultimately, disaster was averted due to the honesty and integrity of a Dillard’s sales associate named Laura.  She found the purse and kept it safe until we returned to claim it.  It’s a wonderful thing to know that there are still such wonderful, morally-upstanding people in the world.  Thank you, Laura.

After saying goodbye to Kathleen in the very hot mall parking lot, I decided I was not interested in sitting in five o’clock traffic for an hour, so I stopped to join Kyle at Rob’s on my way home.  I left him there to watch part of the pool tournament before he followed me home, and went home to get back to work.

Work.  That’s the other thing that these last few days have in store for me.