20 June 2009

Just the two of us. And the two dogs. And the cat. We had a marathon of watching TV and movies. We didn’t go to the Rahr, like we wanted to, after last week’s super hot visit (although reports have been that it was much nicer this week—go figure!). We are so aware at this time of the year, that every day together is precious. My departure is imminent, and yet we’re both in denial!

Midway through the late afternoon, after noshing on leftovers, Kyle decided we needed a quick trip to Chili’s—but that’s the only outing we had. I had actually planned to attend a party in Dallas for a few hours, but as it was, the idea of quality time with my husband won out. As it should, I think.

Of course, if I had attended the party, I would have remembered to take a photo. <sigh>