Giant Grapevine

19 June 2009

Another day with Mama and John—breakfast at home, lunch and dinner out.  After another lengthy queue in which to wait,  I now have a second temporary driver’s license–this one is good for another thirty days and came with the guarantee I’d have my license by then.  I was frustrated again by the system, when after explaining my situation, it became evident that there was nothing whatsoever the system could do to provide me with documentation now, that would last through September.  So, since I’m headed to Wisconsin in just a couple of weeks, it’s a good thing I have a husband who can forward me my mail, because otherwise, I’d be all summer with no valid driver’s license, despite having  jumped through all these hoops.    Again, I say, “grrr.”

Kyle and I took Mama and John to BJ’s Brewhouse for awesome pizza for dinner.  And, then, we hugged and kissed them goodbye and they pointed the RV toward Florida.

My photo today is of an enormous wild grapevine that grows around a small cluster of trees in the middle of a nearby street.  Yes, that’s right—in the middle of the street.  The east and west bound traffic on this small residential street are divided by two separate islands of trees.  Good thing we don’t live on that road, ’cause the RV would never fit!