Up Close at the Jerry Dome

17 June 2009

They’re here! Mama and John finally made it to our house, today. The big RV pulled up not long after the noon hour. Special bonus for them—Kyle was working from home this morning, due to some technical issues, so he got to be here to greet them. He did have to go into the office though, so the three of us went to lunch without him.

John requested a burger joint, so based on a thought I’d had a few days ago, I took them to Airways. John is a pilot, and I knew the airplane-themed, old-fashioned-style place would be something he’d appreciate. I also knew it would give him a pretty spectacular view of the new Cowboy stadium. After a lunch of fabulous burgers, we drove around in circles and took pictures of the stadium from lots of different angles. This is one of my favourites.

We came back home for a while, and looked at scrapbooks and photos, and when he got home, Kyle suggested that we take them to Mi Tierra for dinner. I’m not sure that they are quite as happy being adventuresome in their eating as we are, but I think ultimately they got enough to eat. I learned in the process, that I love the salad that Mama ordered, even if she did not!

Mama and I stayed up way too late looking at photos and chatting, and then, inspired to organize a little bit, while I had them all out, I stayed up even later preparing for the next opportunity when I might actually do some traditional scrapbooking. I want to so badly and Mama is good inspiration.

Now, to schedule that week with nothing to do . . .