Cormac at my Feet

14 June 2009

Flag Day

I woke up earlier than Kyle this morning, poured my coffee and took the dogs outside with me for my garden time.  <insert sigh of contentment, here>  I took this photo of Cormac while I was there.

The timing was perfect, for just as Kelly and I decided we wanted breakfast, Kyle was up.  We arranged for Kelly to pick up a couple of things at the store on her way to us, and by eleven or so, we were all eating scrambled eggs and having a bloody mary.  Welcome home, Kelly! 🙂

Next on my agenda, was attending Dana’s crop, and after allowing myself to get sucked into a chick flick with Kyle, I finally headed to her house around three.  Once there, I enjoyed the company of some wonderful women I love, and learned how to use the Creative Memories computer program.  Digital scrapbooking may just be the way to go for this busy girl.  We’ll see.

I got home much later than I’d planned and said goodnight to my husband who, sadly did not play in his football match due to a very sore back.  Bowling perhaps, is the culprit, there.  I’m not sure.  But, he’s unhappy and uncomfortable and I feel badly for him—after all, I am all too well-acquainted with back pain, and wouldn’t wish it on anybody!

Tonight’s a late night for me . . . my mama’s coming to visit!  I expect their arrival on Tuesday some time.  So, between now and then some housecleaning will have to happen!