Saturday Morning

13 June 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure that this photo represents. A long time ago, it seems, I used to spend a few minutes every morning in this little garden in our front yard. I’d write in a journal, or read a magazine, and drink my coffee. But, in the last couple of years, with my springtimes being so busy with sewing deadlines, I’ve neglected this happy little spot. This year, I decided I wanted to reclaim that time, but the spot itself wasn’t ready for me, after so long untended. The Asian Jasmine had come on strong, and the bench was pretty unstable, so I let the ants and the splinters talk me out of my little corner.

On Friday I fixed it! I tore out a bunch of the jasmine, and reigned it back into submission. I changed the curve of the path, layed some new paving stones to keep the plants from growing up under the bench, and finally unloaded the new bench from my truck. Voila! Hard work pays off and I once again have my little meditation corner in my garden. And the path is more open, with room now for the dogs to lay at my feet.

I took full advantage of my corner this morning, and enjoyed a cup of coffee, and some Facebook and email time outdoors, in what was a surprisingly pleasant morning. Kyle had work to do (still making up for the nine weeks in a row that Terrell had to be the one to work on Saturday mornings), so it got me out of his way, as well.

By noon, we were on our way to the Rahr. Long-anticipated, this is Kelly’s first day back home after the end of the Georgia Renaissance Festival, and she had expressed the desire to visit the Rahr Brewery for their usual Saturday event. We don’t need much of an excuse to do that, so it became the plan. The heat was daunting, but, the group of friends who joined us there, the free-flowing Iron Thistle on tap, and the subsequent wonderful meal at the Yucatan Taco Stand made the sweating worthwhile.

And, I think I may have taken the photo that needs to be Kyle’s next profile picture for Facebook or whereever!

We came home briefly to meet Doug and Marianne so I could inspect Santa fabrics . . . that’s a whole different story . . . and then headed out to Main Event for our now quarterly meeting of the Just Us League.  This is a great group of friends from our years in the comic book industry.  And, although this was our first bowling event together, I doubt it will be the last! 

I can’t brag on my game this time, though, that’s for sure.  Between the recent physical exertion of all the yard work and tree trimming, and the heat, I was tired and not on my game at all.  But, it was fun.

And at the end of another wonderful Saturday off, there’s still a Sunday to enjoy!