My Fleur de Lis Window at Night

12 June 2009

It’s done. At least for now. The majority of the renovation work I’ve been planning for my happy little garden zone, is done. About two or maybe three more bags of leaves, and I’ll really feel like the job is complete. But, I’m thrilled with my new bench and pavers. I worked today in two to two-and a half-hour shifts, stopping in between for food and water (yes, I drank water!) and Gatorade. It was very hot, and I worked up such a good sweat, I surely must have burned off some calories.

By the time Kyle got home, I was already showered and resting. We were expecting a pretty harsh storm (which ended up shifting direction and missing us completely, hammering Cleburne and Waxahachie, instead!) and I was really enjoying the slight drop in temperature. So, I sat in my new, improved garden zone and listened to the wind in the trees for a while. And I played with my camera. I obviously don’t know nearly enough about my camera, and couldn’t get any good shots of the garden in the dark. But, I did get this cool shot of my stained glass fleur de lis hanging in the window of the Mickey Room. You can see the movement of the silhouetted photinia plant, in the gusty wind. I’ll take photos of the garden tomorrow.