Golden Danglies

11 June 2009

I ran an errand today to the local Lowe’s store and purchased the last of the paving stones I needed to get to work on my little garden renovation project. I’ve been driving around with the new bench in the truck for some time, now. When I got home, I realized I really had a couple of other yard work projects that were more important . . . like dealing with the downed branches from the storm last night. So, one thing led to another, and it wasn’t long before I found myself on the roof trimming the box elder tree so its heavy branches weren’t leaning on our roof, and/or scraping shingles off in the wind. By the time Kyle got home, I had begun the icky job of moving our woodpile (something we have to do periodically to keep undesirables from nesting in it). When I quit it was part due to hunger and fatigue, and part due to the unusually large and voracious mosquito population we seem to have due to all our recent rain. I quickly showered and Kyle fixed us some dinner. Too tired to do much else, I watched something on television with Kyle, snapped this photo of the cool stuff hanging from the lamp next to my chair, and went to bed. Tomorrow, I’ll begin the garden project.