Driving down Collins Street

9 June 2009

I went on a quest today, for the necessary accessories for my new cell phone.  It came with a wall charger, but no car charger.  And it is pretty and new and . . . fragile.  So, I was determined that I needed a case for it, to protect it from . . . me.  Remember, the phone it replaces was the Nextel phone developed for construction sites and military settings—it was practically indestructable.  This one . . . not so much!

So, remembering that the case I wanted was available at Best Buy, that’s where I headed.  I bought a car charger there, but the case was twenty bucks, and left it in the store. The Sprint store sells the same clear plastic case in a two-pack with a silver one for twenty bucks!  So, I went to the Sprint store. They didn’t have it. I went to Radio Shack.  They didn’t have it.  I drove across Arlington, to the big Sprint store and they didn’t have it!

I was frustrated and had just about resigned myself to having to order what I wanted online and wait for it to come (they called the Mansfield store and found out they didn’t have it,either!), when one of the employees discovered what I was looking for on a sales desk.  Whew!  Happy, I gave them money and pointed the truck toward home.

Between the Radio Shack and the second Sprint store, I drove down Collins Street, and was again amazed at how that neighbourhood has changed.  I snapped this photo of the dominant object known by some as the JerryDome, while driving.  Not too bad, considering.