MB Enters the Texting Age

8 June 2009

Well, finally . . . I have a new phone. 

Say goodbye to the cute little yellow flip-phone covered in Mickey Mouse stickers.  Say goodbye to the ability to run over it with a truck or throw it against the wall with no ill effects.  And, say goodbye to the theme from The Love Boat playing every time I get a call from Kyle.

But, say hello to the sexy little PURPLE Samsung Rant that now houses all my contact information.  Say hello to MaritaBeth having internet access on her cell phone!  GPS!  Email!  And, perhaps, most importantly, say hello to MB entering the age of text messages! 

Yes, that’s right . . . you can now—successfully, and without having to sign your name—send text messages to MB.  And not only that.  But, I can even text you back!  Woo hoo!

Mwaa-haa-haa!  Beware!  😉