Dogs in the Garden 5

5 June 2009

I am proud to say I took some of the best photos I’ve ever taken of our dogs, today.  It was a beautiful morning, with excellent light.  It was cool enough that I took my cup of coffee, my camera, and my book (and the telephone, just in case)outside, to my bench in the garden.  And I decided to take the dogs out with me, too.  I often look for opportunities to take them outside when it doesn’t involve a leash or a frisbee.  This was perfect.

I enjoyed the sunshine and the reading for a little while, had a nice telephone chat with Ronnie, and then decided the dogs looked bored. Getting them to understand using the path into the garden, instead of jumping over the side (which is much easier and more natural for them) has always been a challenge, so that’s what I thought we’d work on today.   It wasn’t long before I realized what a photo opportunity I had.  I had the camera with me, because I wanted to be prepared for birds and squirrels.  The dogs were obedient and beautiful and there’s a series of ten photos worth seeing on my Flickr stream.