Dance Shoe Memories

2 June 2009

I discovered today, an interesting and rather wonderful development in the world of funeral homes.  And, yes, I know that sounds weird.  But, the funeral home that I should be at today, in Poughkeepsie, New York, has a very professional website that includes an online guest book!

So, not only can you go there, and read the obituaries, and get all the wheres and whens you need, but you can also let people know you care.  Even though I’m stuck in Texas due to lack of funds, I can sign the virtual guest book and let people know I’m thinking of them, and I’m there in spirit.  One can even include comments and memories and notes and such.  And, there’s a link to send flowers!  I was very impressed with the modern age improvements to such an old institution.

For anyone who is interested in knowing more about my dear Estelle, her obituary is here.  (For whatever reason it seems you have to actually click through on the link—it works fine that way, but it looks broken if you just hover.)

Feeling nostalgic and blue, I decided to pull out a box of little girl memories . . . and take a few photos.  The two little pairs of shoes—ballet and tap—are my first dance shoes from 1966.  The red sparkly ones are the “ruby slippers” I wore as Dorothy in the 1979 Estelle and Alfonso production of “The Wizard.”