Scarborough Squirrel

30 May 2009

This little guy had much to say about us invading what he thought should already be his space. I often say that the wildlife at a festival site has more rights to our booths and buildings than we do. I managed to get off a couple of good shots of the two playful squirrels in the tree in front of the Pendragon Costumes shoppe, just as we were leaving. This is one of those.

Kyle and I got an early start on the day and with the help of Jorge and Tracy and their kids, we had East Wind Games all packed up by about 1:30 p.m. We were able to stuff the rest of the items that needed to come home, into my truck and their minivan, and they followed us home, and then joined us at No Frills Grill for a late lunch. Marcus met us there, and we had a great visit over burgers and beer and trivia. And the best part . . . we’re done.

The squirrels and mice and birds and spiders can have it back for a few months!