Too Cute

31 May 2009

A Day of Rest

I could have taken a photo of something more indicative of our decadent Bloody Mary Sunday of Rest. Perhaps the bedside clock as I crawled out of bed at 11:45.  Or, the crazy mound of pillows and throw blankets in the nest we made of our two giant chairs.  Or, even the array of glassware and dishes that accumulated around us during the day.  But, all of those things and the mess that is currently our house right now, make me just a bit embarrassed to even admit, much less to have documented in photos!  The photo of Artemis peacefully resting will have to suffice.

I took her photo on one of my few wanderings away from the pillows and bloody marys and movies that Kyle and I surrounded ourselves with on this wonderful day of rest. We actually started our day the night before, with a cozy snuggle and the watching of the wonderful film WALL*E. Then, a good night’s sleep, no alarm clock, and a lazy morning that melted into afternoon with a scrambled egg brunch and the continuation of the tradition started a few weeks ago—bloody mary Sunday breakfast! The only thing missing from that was the three beautiful women we’ve been sharing that tradition with at faire. But, there’s something to be said for quiet couple-time, too, and we relished every minute of it. The bloody marys lasted until well into the early evening when we decided we were hungry again, and I baked a brie and we opened a previously horded bottle of Vidal. We watched weeks’ worth of missed-but-recorded CSI episodes. . . a movie here and there . . . a fascinating show comparing warriors from disparate eras and walks of life . . . and only received one phone call all day long!  The day was a perfect physical and emotional reset—exactly what we both needed.

And the dishes and laundry and housecleaning will still be there in the morning.