22 May 2009
Marita Beth and I were headed to faire on Friday night, when I suddenly reached back into the front pocket of my backpack in fear that I had neglected to place my camera back in the pocket after having it out at work. My fears were come-to-life and I spent a panicky hour trying to track down someone to rescue my camera from my desktop and lock it up safely. I have absolutely no trust in the cleaning crew having lost things to their grubby hands in the past so I simply had to find someone or make the hour-plus trip to the office to rescue it myself Since it was nearly 9pm, finding someone in the office was much harder than it might otherwise have been, but I finally did track down a co-worker who locked my camera safely away in her desk drawer. Thank you, Nancy!

Therefore, I was at the final weekend of faire without my camera. 😦

I took photos, but always with someone else’s camera. So, now I patiently wait for those photos to arrive in my hands. At that time, I will update these posts with the appropriate shot from the day.

**UPDATE (June 1 2009)
I finally have most of the photos from various peoples and am updating these posts as I can. This photo, while technically taken at 12 minutes into Saturday will be my Friday night photo because I had not yet gone to bed. Marcus, Marita Beth & I (and later, Gregg) stayed up, chatted, ate cheese & drank wine until way too late for a “school night”. All without a photo. So, this is a shot of some of MB’s discarded jewellery (spelled correctly before someone tries to correct me…just British rather than American spelling) as we prepared for bed.

~KR (Written on 27 May 2009)

Listening to:
I Should Have Known Better by Jim Diamond
from Burning Hearts: Best Sad Songs for Your Soul

Camera: Canon PowerShot SX110 IS
Exposure: 0.125 sec (1/8)
Aperture: f/2.8
Focal Length: 6 mm
ISO Speed: 800
Exposure Bias: 0 EV
Flash: Off