Unfinished Projects

15 May 2009

Every show, at about this time—just before the second to last weekend—I get frustrated and almost a bit depressed about how much I had hoped to accomplish versus how much actually got done. Here is one of the many piles of projects that are half-finished and that I’d hoped to get done during this faire.

I did finish Steve’s cassock for him to pick up tomorrow. I have a feeling I’ll be wanting to alter his sleeves just a bit shorter, after he tries it on in the morning, but at least he’ll have it to wear and it’ll do for the rest of the show.

My sincerest thanks to him for his patience, and to Kyle and Marcus who sat up late with me at faire, while I sewed on all of the thirty-three little buttons a clergy cassock requires. (One for each year of the life of the Christ, don’t you know!?)