Schnapps Pfeiffe in Kitchen Window

11 May 2009

This photo was so much cooler in my head.

Kyle bought me a beautiful set of four handblown “port sippers” or more properly, “schnapps pfeiffes” for my birthday.  They are fabulous little vessels from which one can drink port or schnapps by sipping through the straw-like appendage of the glass, and thereby take from the bottom of the glass, where the liquour has not had the chance to oxidize.  Almost impossible to find in their original form of sturdy ceramic barware, these little gems are actually quite fragile and delicate.  I was concerned about how to store them when not in use, and finally today discovered that the thin straw-bit, fits just fine through the wires of the accent lights hanging in the kitchen window.  So, I carefully hung them all there — they add a fabulous little bit of sparkle to the window, and they’re just darned handy!