10 May 2009

Mother’s Day

I cannot be with my own mom on Mother’s Day. She lives in Florida and I live in Texas. And not only the distance, but also my work keeps us apart during the spring months of Scarborough Renaissance Festival. In fact, faire days being what they are, and my memory being what it is, I called my mama on Friday to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day and tell her I’d be thinking of her this weekend. She is one of a kind, and I adore her.

I’ve also been blessed with a number of surrogate moms over the years—women at least a little bit my senior, who have wrapped me in their brand of love and earned my admiration and respect. Women who were teachers, bosses, colleagues, friends. Arta is one such woman. She is another one of a kind—who in fact often reminds me of my own mom. She is one of the kindest, gentlest souls I’ve ever known. And, she embodies for many folks at faire—the perfect mom. In character and on stage at faire, she is Gillian, the unsuspecting, innocent “mother” or “madame” to the girls of the Pounding Heart House of Tarts—a crucial, beautiful soprano voice in the talented group of women we all know as Queen Anne’s Lace. Arta puts her heart and soul into her song-giving, and her hug-giving. She always has a kind word or a soft touch just exactly when you need it. She is one of the most special people in our world.

One of the husbands of one of the girls in QAL hatched a plan, today. He bought an entire bouquet’s-worth of these lovely little wooden roses and then proceeded to give one to everyone he could find who knew and loved Arta—with the express instructions to be sure to give the flower to Arta at some point during the day. By midday, she had a rainbow of rosebuds, around her decolletage, and all around her hat! She was so charming, I knew she had to be my photo of the day.

So, to Arta . . . and to my own Mama, Norita . . . to Kyle’s Mum, Betty . . . and to and to all the wonderful women in all our lives . . . Happy Mother’s Day.