QAL Escapes the Rain Monday, May 18 2009 

QAL Escaping the Rain

16 May 2009

It’s almost a tradition—every year I take a photo of the beautiful girls of Queen Anne’s Lace, singing their hearts out—-in the rain. This year, there has been so much rain, it’s simply not fun or novel any more. Today, when the downpour was particularly insistent, the girls politely asked me (and of course, I jumped at the chance!) and decided that all five of the folks sitting in the rain, waiting for their 11 o’clock show could follow them into our shoppe, and listen and watch them sing under cover. It always makes for a wonderfully intimate show, and it sometimes drives a few sales, as well. I snapped a few photos while they were singing and I like this one, mostly because you can actually see all eight talented women at once!

The rain did finally quit, and by evening, the temperature and the humidity level had both become quite comfortable.  We hosted our third annual Jewelry Trunk Show for Miss Allyson Giesen tonight—complete with a great selection of wine and cheese and crackers and stuff for dinner.  Yummy food and drink, and sparklies!  Woo hoo!



Unfinished Projects Monday, May 18 2009 

Unfinished Projects

15 May 2009

Every show, at about this time—just before the second to last weekend—I get frustrated and almost a bit depressed about how much I had hoped to accomplish versus how much actually got done. Here is one of the many piles of projects that are half-finished and that I’d hoped to get done during this faire.

I did finish Steve’s cassock for him to pick up tomorrow. I have a feeling I’ll be wanting to alter his sleeves just a bit shorter, after he tries it on in the morning, but at least he’ll have it to wear and it’ll do for the rest of the show.

My sincerest thanks to him for his patience, and to Kyle and Marcus who sat up late with me at faire, while I sewed on all of the thirty-three little buttons a clergy cassock requires. (One for each year of the life of the Christ, don’t you know!?)


My Serger Monday, May 18 2009 

My Serger

14 May 2009

My friends and dear readers of the Daily KRuMB can always tell by my rather boring photos, when I’m having a work week from hell. This is one.

My wonderful industrial serger got a good workout today while I finally assembled Steve’s cassock and work to have it ready by the weekend.

Exciting, huh?


Gingy-bread for Amy Monday, May 18 2009 

Gingy-bread for Amy

13 May 2009

A day spent entirely in the workshop. I’m really ready for a bit of a break!

This is the cute stomacher that Ronnie embroidered, and I sewed together, for Miss Amy. Her theme is gingerbread . . . complete with yards and yards of ric rac adorning her skirts and such. She requested a new custom bodice, and this coming weekend, she will get to wear it. We did a fitting this evening!


Green Knots and Green Lights Monday, May 18 2009 

Green Knots

12 May 2009

I took Stephen to the doctor today— his last scheduled appointment with the cardiologist. I think he was a little bit nervous about it . . . but the end result was a green light on getting on with life! It seems the triple bypass surgery has been deemed a success and his recovery is right on target or even better than average! He was cleared to drive, and actually told to “get out of the house, more!” I was delighted, and I know he was relieved.

After way too many hours away from the workshop, I put together this set of epaulettes when I did get in there. I wish I could say I accomplished a whole lot more than that . . . but truth be told, a couple of alterations and some reorganization for the rest of the week was about all I managed. Tomorrow will be more productive.


Schnapps Pfeiffe in the Kitchen Window Monday, May 18 2009 

Schnapps Pfeiffe in Kitchen Window

11 May 2009

This photo was so much cooler in my head.

Kyle bought me a beautiful set of four handblown “port sippers” or more properly, “schnapps pfeiffes” for my birthday.  They are fabulous little vessels from which one can drink port or schnapps by sipping through the straw-like appendage of the glass, and thereby take from the bottom of the glass, where the liquour has not had the chance to oxidize.  Almost impossible to find in their original form of sturdy ceramic barware, these little gems are actually quite fragile and delicate.  I was concerned about how to store them when not in use, and finally today discovered that the thin straw-bit, fits just fine through the wires of the accent lights hanging in the kitchen window.  So, I carefully hung them all there — they add a fabulous little bit of sparkle to the window, and they’re just darned handy!


Arta-mom Monday, May 18 2009 


10 May 2009

Mother’s Day

I cannot be with my own mom on Mother’s Day. She lives in Florida and I live in Texas. And not only the distance, but also my work keeps us apart during the spring months of Scarborough Renaissance Festival. In fact, faire days being what they are, and my memory being what it is, I called my mama on Friday to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day and tell her I’d be thinking of her this weekend. She is one of a kind, and I adore her.

I’ve also been blessed with a number of surrogate moms over the years—women at least a little bit my senior, who have wrapped me in their brand of love and earned my admiration and respect. Women who were teachers, bosses, colleagues, friends. Arta is one such woman. She is another one of a kind—who in fact often reminds me of my own mom. She is one of the kindest, gentlest souls I’ve ever known. And, she embodies for many folks at faire—the perfect mom. In character and on stage at faire, she is Gillian, the unsuspecting, innocent “mother” or “madame” to the girls of the Pounding Heart House of Tarts—a crucial, beautiful soprano voice in the talented group of women we all know as Queen Anne’s Lace. Arta puts her heart and soul into her song-giving, and her hug-giving. She always has a kind word or a soft touch just exactly when you need it. She is one of the most special people in our world.

One of the husbands of one of the girls in QAL hatched a plan, today. He bought an entire bouquet’s-worth of these lovely little wooden roses and then proceeded to give one to everyone he could find who knew and loved Arta—with the express instructions to be sure to give the flower to Arta at some point during the day. By midday, she had a rainbow of rosebuds, around her decolletage, and all around her hat! She was so charming, I knew she had to be my photo of the day.

So, to Arta . . . and to my own Mama, Norita . . . to Kyle’s Mum, Betty . . . and to and to all the wonderful women in all our lives . . . Happy Mother’s Day.