Kyle and His Dad

9 May 2009

I didn’t really want a posed photo of these two — I am happy with the fun, natural, candid nature of this one. Kyle’s dad was in town for Mother’s Day weekend . . . his mom lives in Carrollton. Mum and Kellye Beth had other plans for their weekend, but dad wanted to come up and be with family. After all, his mother is well into her nineties, and we all know how precious each day is. The benefit for us, was that Dad enjoys a day at faire almost as much as we do, and he wanted to come visit with us on Saturday, before heading to north Dallas for dinner. He and Kyle even got to go to the wine tasting (fabulous new event at Scarborough this year!) together. I believe this photo was taken after that!

These two have a lot in common . . . besides genetics. They are both charming, witty, intelligent, fun-loving, beer-drinking, wine-loving, curmudgeonly Caruthers men. And I love them, both, more than words can say.