So Many TV Screens

7 May 2009

My darling husband surprised me tonight with an adventure. He was home a bit earlier than usual and he asked me if I had any plans for dinner. I did not, I told him, and his response was, “Good, then get ready. Let’s go!” I quickly changed clothes and brushed my hair and we were out the door in just a few minutes’ time. I had no idea what he had up his sleeve.

Turns out he had heard of this place in the Highlands retail zone, called BlackFinn’s American Saloon. From the outside, we were afraid it might be a bit on the “high and mighty” side for our tastes, but once inside and perusing their menu, we were encouraged. The place is lovely—huge—and has a pretty decent selection of beers on draft, including (for now) Guinness 250. We both ordered their house variety, though—something called BlackFinn Ale, which I very much enjoyed. (Brewed by one of our northern favourites–Leinenkugel’s!) I snapped this photo while we waited for our food. We were impressed by how very many television screens there were inside this place! Without turning our head there were three in our range of vision. Turning the head a small bit gave three more, and on two walls not far away were mosaics of many more ranging from big to gi-normous. We were glad to be seated in a booth off to one side of the very large, loud, open, main dining room, furnished with only chairs and tables. We ordered a sampler platter of their appetizers and had more food than we needed for the two of us. All in all a delightful dinner experience.

Then, it was back to work.