Horse and Jockey Sculpture

6 May 2009

On my way home from Scarborough’s second Kid’s Day this week, I was intrigued to end up behind this little caravan on the highway. I was confused at first, but as I got close enough I realized what I was seeing was a really beautiful bronze sculpture of a jockey on a race horse. The truck and trailer with the sculpture was closely following a big multi-horse trailer . . . I imagine the story that says the statue commemorates some big win of one of the horses on board the trailer . . . hmmm . . . why is it that horseracing is so romantic?

Kid’s Day #2 was not as quiet as the first one—more kids and slightly better weather. But, still no sales at Pendragon and very few at East Wind Games. I did have a great time visiting with friends, though. Garry sang and played his guitar on and off, and Chuck and Bill sat with us a long time, and we discussed history and learned from one another. Others stopped in, too, from time to time, and the time passed relatively quickly. I could go on and on about the fiasco that is Kid’s Days in its current incarnation, and how I feel it could be so much better . . . but, really . . . I don’t have the energy.

Oh, and oddly enough, the birds’ nest today, seems to be empty! I can hardly believe that my timing was so good yesterday as for it to be the last possible day to capture those young fledglings before they took flight. But, no chirping today—no coming and going at all. Spring is pretty much over, I guess.