8 May 2009

After a crazy day—have I mentioned I’m not a fan of Fridays during faire season?—of sewing and necessary errands and shipping/receiving snafus, Kyle and I managed to get on the road toward faire quite a bit earlier than normal.  And that’s great by me!  I just cannot always make it happen.

Today, we made a grocery store stop and then realized we also needed petrol.  So, we decided to combine our fast food-dinner stop with our gasoline stop, and so chose the new Travel Stop on Hwy 287 in Midlothian—-Texas Best BBQ!  Well, we didn’t order Texas’ Best Barbecue; we had the adjacent Sonic instead.  But, that was certainly tasty!

The most remarkable thing about the trip down there tonight, was the breathtaking sunset.  Not only were the colours as vibrant as I’ve ever seen them, but the sky was alive.  It was quickly-changing, and offered a different view out each car window.   A harsh front was visible to the southeast.  Maxfield Parrish skies due south.  A tiny rainbow was even clearly visible for a short while.  And by the time we got to Midlothian, the sky behind us was dramatically streaked with wedges of pink and orange alternating with grey.  Magnificent!

This lovely example of what was once a classic Texas sight is a part of the ambiance of this little business conglomerate of western wear shoppe, gas station, gift shoppe, barbecue joint and fast food restaurant.  And tonight, it was twirling hard and fast.  I was amused to look closely at my photo and realize that it says “Chicago.”