4 May 2009

Whether it’s a Monday or a Friday—today is rough!

Monday morning: paperwork, reports, inventory organization, ordering product for East Wind Games, making phone calls . . . general organization of the week. Mondays are not my favourite days. I wonder what happened to the days when I had Mondays “off!”

I scheduled two customer appointments for today—one in the morning, one in the afternoon. I never do that sort of thing on Mondays during faire . . . but Ken was here from Minnesota and this was a rare opportunity with him. And, this project in the works for Steve Z—I needed a fitting before continuing. So, all that made the day seem a little like a Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday!

And, tomorrow I’m back at faire for Kid’s Days—so it feels like a Friday.

Is it any wonder I’m confused?

Oh, and forgetful . . . no photo!