29 April 2009

Not much else going on this week, so I thought I’d concentrate my writing today on my beloved island of Galveston. I am guilty of not saying much about it lately, but that doesn’t mean its woes are far from my mind. Every week I see more new photos of the devastation and lingering aftermath of Hurricane Ike. Springtime in Galveston hasn’t been nearly as green as it should be.

But, this week there is a little bit of good news.

Every little bit of publicity that can be given to the situation in Galveston, the better it will be for the folks there to get the funding necessary for them to bounce back!

My really frustratingly bad photo today, is of the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, taken while I was driving across the brand new Center Street bridge. Pitifully, this is the best of the three shots I took! I was out today, only because Stephen, out of the hospital for just a few days, was feeling stir crazy and needed out of his house. I scooped him up and ran a couple of errands and grabbed some lunch. The stadium is huge and really does look like the Mothership has landed—the darned thing is actually visible from downtown Fort Worth! The new bridge is lovely, and the landscape surrounding the building project is improving at a very fast pace. The whole “imminent domain for private gain-thing” is an issue worth debating, but it is rather nice to have had those ugly old strip centers and falling-down storefronts disappear.