Maria Smiles

26 April 2009

Well, today’s weather was more pleasant by far, but, once again, we believe the weathermen damned us, and the attendance was sparse. Today’s economic climate does not combine well with an icky weather forecast for those in the renfaire industry!

There was ample time today, to adjust hangers, re-arrange racks, and give generous breaktime to my workers. Even me! I took my first hour or so away from the booth since the show started! And, then, later in the day I actually took another half hour to go see the final show by a performer-friend. (See Kyle’s post for a photo of Rob making a sandwich with his feet . . . yes, really!) I had intended to snap a bunch of photos today, but only ended up with a couple. This one of Maria is my favourite—I hope she likes it, too! Maria is an old friend we are enjoying having around us again. She is a talented woman—seamstress (she’s one of very few stateside kiltmakers I used to recommend), architect, mother, businesswoman—and this year, she wanted to be back in the faire scene after a number of years away. And I’m lucky to have her working for me in this year of staff transitioning.

After the (very long) day, we packed things up and headed toward the local Chili’s where we met George and Delaenya and Ginger and Gypsy, for dinner and margaritas before making the half-hour drive home. It’s a great wind down after a weekend, and tonight the company was special. Next time I get to see George and Delaenya, it’ll be July, and I’ll be in Wisconsin!