Her Favourite Pillow

27 April 2009

I have long admitted a love affair with photographing my cat. Her personality frequently leaves something to be desired, but in the looks department, she’s got the blue ribbon! Artemis is the most photogenic pet I’ve ever known. Her beautiful white fur makes her fairly easy to shoot, even in low light. Her pink features
—nose, ears, toes—are so . . . pink, they’re just precious. And when she’s surrounded by bright colours, it’s a win-win combination! Here she is, taking a nap with what seems to be her favourite pillow. It’s a bright pink fuzzy/furry thing we bought a couple of years ago because it amused us one night in a Wal-mart store. If you throw it, the impact of catching it, or of it hitting an object causes it to make a wonderful “boing-g-g-g” sound! Too funny. But, what Artemis knows is that it feels good on her paws when she kneads it, and it feels good underneath her at naptime.

Monday . . . all I can think of is how much I wish I too, could take a nap. But, instead, I’ll go to bed at ten-something, when Kyle does. It’s the beginning of a brand new week!