Mouse Pockets

23 April 2009

Thursday:  Unintentional Sleep Deprivation Experiment Day Two.  It has been too many weeks of too much work and too little sleep.  I feel that it is finally really catching up with me.  Next week I promise to myself that I will try to sleep normal human-type hours.

One funny story from this week was the inspiration for this photo. 

As many of our readers know, in the fall we jump right from TRF into Dickens, and this year, Kyle and I had just a couple of weeks after that to prepare for our two-week holiday in the UK. On the last weekend of TRF, I sold a woman a fancy ladies outfit and she desperately wanted to wear it, even though her skirts were too long.  She struggled with it through the day, and at the end of the weekend when she came back by to ask about having it shortened, I told her I’d be happy to—she should just leave it with me.

Well, she didn’t want to leave it.  She wanted to wear it home and be able to show it off.  So, I told her she was welcome to send it to me during the winter and I’d do the alteration when I could, and send it back.  She thought that was perfect — there would be no rush on it — and I mentally made preparations to receive a box from this woman sometime in December or January. 

So, my winter was crazy, and the spring has been even crazier.  A box arrived, but I had no time to do the alteration, and I was pretty sure she would call me if she was coming to Scarborough.  So, I never even opened it.  Until yesterday.  I had made a frantic last-minute change in my fabric choice for the order I’m working on, and the new choice of fabric had to be washed.  So, I was looking for other things that I really needed to get done and get off my work table, and I caught sight of that box.  I opened it, and was confused to find a Christmas card and letter.  Then, after digging deeper into the box, I realized it did not contain skirts from an Anne Boleyn-style Pendragon outfit.  It instead contained a plethora of wonderful little gifts,  thrift store treasures mostly, and it had come from a dear friend in Michigan as a holiday present!  She had thought of me while  shopping—who knows how many different visits to how many different stores are represented in this collection of stuff.  And, I hadn’t even opened the box.  I felt awful, and immediately dashed off a “thank you” email complete with apology for my flakiness!  But, it did end up being a delightful birthday surprise!  The photo is of my two favourite Disney mice embroidered on the pockets of a fleece jacket.

Now, I just wonder what happened to that skirt that was too long?