20 April 2009

After far too long without the buzz of partying friends, Ginger’s house was the scene on this evening, of a gathering of her friends from both the renfaire and the swing dance aspects of her life. It was a fun little crowd, and it was her first opportunity to share the addition to her home—the new room she had built onto her dining room/kitchen! She’s calling it a dance room/feast hall, and it’s potential is nearly endless!

Another fairly recent addition to her life is this beautiful little (okay, not so little) cat she named Muzette. Last summer, one day at Bristol, the voices in Ginger’s head directed her to go to the animal shelter “now.” When she arrived, she found this little (at that time) kitten and upon making her choice, stood there while the euthanasia order was cancelled. Not only was it Muzette’s last day at the shelter, but the time was five-fifty five. At 6 p.m., she’d have been another casualty in the battle against unwanted pet pregnancy and the need for spaying and neutering our domestic animals. As it is, now, she’s a charming, affectionate cat that easily steals hearts and looks so like Ginger’s last beloved feline, that it causes many of us to blink with disbelief. She’s a beauty, that’s for sure.

Thanks, Ginger for getting folks together, and opening your lovely home to us, again! We love you.