Display Idea

21 April 2009

My driver’s license expired on my birthday, so my most important errand this week, was to get my butt to the little local DMV office and get my picture made! I did that today.

Who knew that just a couple of doors from that office, is a sweet little antique/junk store? And who knew there would be so much cool stuff in such a teensy place? I enjoyed myself in there, and had a great visit with the guy who owns the place. During my exploration of all he had crammed in there, I located this neat little display unit for sale. I snapped its photo and meant to show Kyle because I think it has potential for East Wind Games. I have started to tell him a number of times and my train of thought keeps getting derailed. So, I guess this is as good a method as any, since it’s the only photo I took on this day! Do you like it Kyle? Have a use for it? Let me know. I’ll go back and get it if you can use it!