Houseful of Giesens! 16 April 2009 Splitting my time today between housecleaning and sewing, I had just reclaimed the Mickey Suite (guest room) to a level of acceptability, when I bounced out the front door to toss some recycling, and there on my front porch, were Larry and Denise!

It is the weekend of their annual pilgrimage to Texas to see us and Allyson and to enjoy a couple of days at Scarborough Renaissance Festival. Soon after their arrival, Allyson called and we arranged for her to come to our house, knowing she and Kyle would arrive at about the same time, and dinner would be soon to follow. In an effort to be budget-conscious, and keep it quick and simple, we ended up at No Frills Grill. Surprise! Rod joined us there, too and there was good food (my burger was excellent tonight!) good beer, fun trivia, and the best company! I snapped this photo at the house before we left for dinner. Allyson had just arrived and was admiring my new birthday present from Larry and Denise—a much-needed set of new Henckels kitchen knives! Woo hoo! You can just see the tops of them on the table. I got a brief lesson in the proper usage of each knife, and I have two new Japanese words to learn. And, I need a wooden cutting board, now, that is bigger than a postcard! Sherrie! — are you reading this? I’d sure like to have one made by a dear friend!

Incidentally, tonight’s dinner out was made possible by the difficult decision that Larry’s outfit was not going to be completed this week. So, with the slightly lowered self-esteem that results from me not meeting my own expectations of myself, and the knowledge that I’d disappointed him, I must search for the silver lining here. I was able to enjoy the evening with loved ones and get a decent night’s sleep! And Larry will have a brand new outfit for the opening weekend of Bristol! ~MB