Artemis Helping in the Workshop . . . yeah, right!

15 April 2009

Blessings upon Cindy, our accountant, who filed an extension for us, once again. The powers that be, obviously didn’t realize what a drain on my time the springtime months are, or they would not have the national tax deadline fall in April! 😉

While many folks were rushing to get last-minute time-stamps on their IRS-bound documents, I was watching The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas on television while working on Larry’s order. At two a.m., my cat alarm went off, and Artemis decided the only place she was interested in sitting, was right on top of Larry’s breeches as they lay on my work table. I decided she was as good a photo opportunity as any I’d had all day, so guess what? Another cat photo; another sewing project photo! I sure hope life gets a little more diverse pretty soon!