Fancy Sleeves for the Bride

10 April 2009

This is about as caught up as I’ve ever been—on the KRuMB, that is! In a much-needed break from sewing, I took a photo of one of the sleeves I finished while working through the night. I am very pleased with how they turned out—and they look pretty much exactly like my original sketch! I like them so well, I find myself wanting a pair just like them!

So, there was no sleep for me last night, but the wedding order is now 100 percent complete. I will present the clothes to the bride and groom tomorrow, and then on Sunday morning (the day of the wedding) I will help them get dressed. I can hardly wait, because I know I will be so proud of how they look. Now, we’re just praying for no rain!

Soon, I’ll be back in the workshop, finishing up some other stuff I need to do for this weekend. Then, it’s off for weekend #2!