Adventures in Plumbing

7 April 2009

This is a photo of our shiny new water valves that feed water to the washing machine. That is the short explanation of the plumbing adventures had today. The long version includes MaritaBeth trying to save an $80 service call on something she thought she could fix, and discovering instead that the pipes and fittings and valves in our house are so old, they fall apart rather than allow themselves to be handled. So, nearly $500 later, the plumber is gone and the $80 service call for the washer still happens tomorrow! The good news is that the very nice plumber said it’s a blessing in disguise that I caused this leak today. It being that easy to manifest, it was close to happening even without human intervention, and then I’d have had a slow leak I probably wouldn’t have known about, gradually soaking the drywall in at least two or three walls!
Or worse . . . so woo hoo! It’s just so hard to get enthusiastic about home repair bills!

In the workshop, there are sleeves and codpieces and pouches happening. I thought perhaps I’d actually finish something today, but I am simply too tired. I’m going to step outside and soak in a little full moon magic and then go to bed.