Beautiful Hand-turned Pens

31 March 2009

I have to include the “Tuesday” because the days are all jumbled together in my head. There was very little sleep, and I’m way behind in writing the words to accompany the photos. So, the day label helps. Just bear with me.

Tuesday—the day after the first all-nighter. I was ready for the fitting with Lionel and Crystal, and although yesterday’s posted picture doesn’t really do them justice, their outfits are shaping up very well, and I’m delighted. After my appointment with them, Kyle arrived home rather early, and Jay came over with the wonderful “dice pens” we’d asked him to make for us to offer through East Wind Games. We had a great little visit with him, where we got to hear the stories of him learning to turn wood, and the multi-step process of making these beautiful pens. As we were chatting, at one point, I looked down at his collection of sample pens and decided it would make a fun photo.

I went back to work after he left, jumping right into some of the hand-sewing that needed to be done for Joe and Cindy’s order. Bedtime was a wonderful thing, though.