Ginger's Birthday

6 April 2009

One of the many, many things that bonded Ginger and I to one another years ago, was the fact that we are both April babies. Her birthday was today, making her twelve days older than me.

I snapped this photo during the dessert course of our little dinner out at Italianni’s. It started as a photo of the yummy and decadent dessert I shared, and ended up as a really cute birthday portrait of a sort.  Unfortunately, I actually forgot my camera, so I took this picture with Ginger’s little Sony camera.  I’m pretty sure its format will be totally different from every other photo I’ve ever posted to Flickr or The KRuMB—but, oh well.  At least it’s not a day without a photo!

Dinner out was the culmination of an interesting day. I actually had a productive, and fun day. I did a bunch of paperwork, phone calls, and computer work dealing with both Pendragon Costumes and East Wind Games business, had lunch with friends at a great little Mediterranean cafe and hookah bar, had a nice little visit with Kathel about a hat, and even got some sewing done before donning a velvet dress and heading out to dinner.

Kyle, however, had the day from hell at work, missed his soccer game due to a 6 p.m. meeting, and never got home ’til after nine o’clock! He was long asleep and trying to forget the day by the time I got home around eleven.

Tomorrow will be better for him. Besides, today was for Ginger! Happy Birthday, sweetheart!