Black and Tan for Joe

2 April 2009

I am always embarrassed that although I have an April birthday, it’s usually about April in the year, when I start forgetting other birthdays. I start off strong . . . but . . .

I do really well with January and February and pretty good with March. My brother is 11 February; my mama is 27 March. But, by April—and there are SO MANY—they start to fall through the cracks of my mental calendar. So, to all those I love whose birthdays fall in March, or April or May . . . I suck, I’m sorry. I hope you know I love you even if you don’t get a card or an email telling you specifically, “Happy Birthday!”

Of course, it could be that part of my forgetfulness is caused by the sleep deprivation that is typical in my March and early April each year.
I guess I cannot claim a total all-nighter last night . . . I did fall asleep for about ten minutes! I crawled in bed and curled up next to my warm husband at 6:45 a.m., having been unable to keep my eyes open to sew on beads! It took a few minutes for the buzz to quit in my brain, and then the alarm rang at 7 a.m.!

This is a close-up of the fabric I worked with much of the night—Joe’s Tudor doublet. By tomorrow . . . hopefully . . . I’ll be done looking at it for a while! 😉