28 March 2009

Are they late? I could swear that by this time last year, there were bluebonnets.

After spending all day at the faire site, unloading the trailer and setting up the booths, I realized on the way home that my camera had never come out of my purse. Grrrr. So, I spent the entire drive home with the camera in my lap—hoping to shoot the bluebonnets. But, the occasional patches of the beautiful Texas state flower were so few and far between, and so small, that we got all the way home without a photo. Then, a shower was more important than pretty much anything else. And then, there was sewing . . .

So, all that was the really long way of saying I did it again. No photo.
But, trailer day is done. Tomorrow will be another day of set-up and of learning for my two new girls (both of whom are doing fabulously well so far!)