Fabulous Trim for Cindy

26 March 2009

This order I’m working on for Cindy and Joe consists of a whole huge pile of incredibly wonderful fabrics working together beautifully. This is a detail shot of the fabric I cut into strips and am using as her overskirt trim.   Yummy.  But, it’s a really big hem to put all those beads on!

Kelly and I went to visit Stephen in CVICU today and were thrilled to see a man who does not look like he just had triple bypass surgery!  The surgeon who worked on him is one who does what he called “beating heart” surgery.  In other words, no heart/lung machine . . . no stopping the heart to work on it.  The whole time the  bypass was being performed, Steve’s heart kept beating!  This obviously makes a lot of things much easier when it comes to recovery and recovery time!  Wahoo!