Nice Hat

24 March 2009

Work, work, work. Kelly brought me lunch, but we didn’t waste much time eating. We had a somewhat shorter day than normal planned, because we were going out to dinner.

My dear Stephen is having surgery on Wednesday. And since he’s not allowed to eat after midnight tonight, and it will likely be a few days before he has much of an appetite, he decided he wanted that last meal to be a really good one! So, he organized for a few friends to join him at Carrabba’s for Italian food.

It was a great meal—Kyle and I split a Veal Piccata dish. Kelly and I split some sort of decadent creamy layer cake. We had a delightful bottle of wine, and some excellent company. True to form, given a cloth napkin, Stephen makes ears and antennaes and . . . hats. So, I caught him at the end of the meal, with his napkin hat on his head.
It’s actually a really fine portrait of him, if I do say so myself.