23 March 2009

It seems I’ve done it again.  I have no photograph from Monday the 23rd.

With my work schedule, I’m behind here on the KRuMB more than I’m not, right now.  And, it’s Wednesday night and I’m just writing Monday’s post.  So, I hadn’t realized my goof ’til just now. <sigh>

I worked all day, trying to get as much as possible done for Cindy and Joe’s fitting on Tuesday.  And I am really excited about how their stuff is looking.  Kyle had a game, so my work day was long and lonely . . . he scooped me up afterward, though, and took me to No Frills with a few folks from the team.  It was a full day, and I accomplished much.  But, it seems I simply didn’t use my camera on this day.

I did stay up way too late, though, for the second night in a row . . . I’m sure that contributed to my foto-forgetfulness!