Happy Birthday, Stephen!

15 March 2009

Happy Birthday, Stephen!

Despite feeling rather like shite, I had to get up early this morning and get some more work done on my wedding order. The couple and their three kids arrived just shortly after noon for the fitting. Lionel’s fitting was spot-on-perfect, and Crystal’s will be just as perfect with one small change to the shoulder seam. Both of them were very pleased with the progress of the order—a little overwhelmed even, I think, with the beadwork and such. I heard the words I long to hear: “it’s even better than I’d hoped!” It made my heart sing, and made the hundreds of hours of work worthwhile. We arranged another fitting for later in the month, and off back down the road toward their Georgetown home they went.

Moments later, Kyle returned home and we jumped in the car to head to the fun of Stephen’s birthday party. It had been way too long since we’d been bowling, and both of us were really looking forward to it. It isn’t often that I get to use my Mickey Mouse bowling ball, anymore! I figured by this point, I’m not contagious, I just have a tummy thing going on, so I didn’t fear infecting others. I even ate a small piece of pizza while I was there, only I’m not sure it was a good idea. But, the bowling part was awesome. My first game I didn’t do well . . . I even had a frame of no score at all! But, my tenth frame consisted of a quarter of my total score up to that point, making my total on game one a whopping 93 points. That must have been the beginning of me finding my groove a little bit, though, because my score on the second game was 167—the high score in the group of nine of us, over both games. Woo hoo! Yay, me! I’m not entirely sure it isn’t my best score ever. I know it’s high on the list. Kyle was right behind me (we had identical scores up to the sixth frame) and would have beat me, if he hadn’t twisted his bad wrist awkwardly about halfway through that second game. It was a great party, and my photo today is of the group of us, right after the two games we played.

We came back home, me regretting the pizza and Kyle hungry again! He fixed me some plain rice (he ate chili!) and that sat pretty well. We watched some recorded episodes of CSI (goodbye to Gil . . . *sniff*) and I worked on the beading for Lionel’s doublet skirt. And then came the discovery of the evening’s bad news . . . my HP laptop is sick. It has simply decided it will not turn on. Not at all. Kyle says it’s a known issue and there was a recall — but we didn’t know about that. I’ll be calling their customer service folks today to find out how to proceed, but I’m hoping for lots of positive energy from my friends so that my loss of data won’t be too severe. I know I did a back up sometime in the last month or so . . . didn’t I?

Sure makes me grateful for Flickr, and very glad that I bought this little pink Acer for the trip to the UK. Right now, my mini laptop is my only laptop!