How to Make MaritaBeth's Day

14 March 2009

The day started late for me; having been up so late working, I slept in. It was just after noon when Kelly messaged me and said she and Bert had decided to go to the Rahr—did we want to meet them there? Having cancelled our work day at faire due to weather and a couple of other complications, we were faced with a free day! I took the fastest shower ever and we were out the door in time to arrive at the brewery shortly after their 1 p.m. serving start time. We enjoyed our time there, and came straight back home so I could work.

In fact, I came home not feeling too well, and actually slept most of the afternoon, not sure I could keep food down. But, I had one amazing moment in my afternoon.

If ever there was a heartwarming moment that made my day—receiving today’s mail was it. Mixed in amongst the bills and the business and the junk was this one charming envelope addressed to “My Costume Goddess.”

I have had the honour for a number of years now, of being the designer/seamstress for many of the actors who portray characters at Scarborough Renaissance Festival. That all started over a decade ago when my dear ex-husband Roger came to me and asked me if I’d make his nobleman outfit. He’d just been accepted into the festival performing company, and thought I might enjoy the job. His costume was gifted back to me after his death (I can hardly believe it’s been nearly nine years!) and is on display in the very back of the Pendragon booth at Scarborough. It was the first of many. There were a couple who are no longer around, and then there was Novie. And from there, word started to spread. Each spring, it seemed I was working on more and more folks, most of them nobles. And, then, in the winter of 2005, came an email stating that our Queen Anne Boleyn was looking for a new costumer. I boldly responded to her query, was interviewed, and got the job! What began that year as a huge boost to my ego and confidence level, has developed into a wonderful friendship with a beautiful woman. She has requested my work in some form every year since then, up to and including this one. Inside this envelope that made my day was a check.

It wouldn’t have mattered what was in it, though—it’s the envelope I will cherish.