My cutting table on a typical late evening in March

10 March 2009

This amuses me.  I’m on a kick right now, where I look at things and see all that they represent . . . like the kitchen window a few days ago.  Tonight, it was the cutting table in my workshop.  As I thought about calling it a night and heading for the shower and the bed, I looked at my table.  There was so much to take in that a glance didn’t do it.  I decided it was somehow photo-worthy—probably because I’m tired and lacking in good judgement! 😉

On the center of the table is the current project—the stomacher of the underdoublet that Lionel will wear in his wedding ceremony.    I am delighted with the way it is looking—I embellished tonight with diagonal rows of trim and with fleur de lis studs at the intersections.  Tomorrow, I’ll add a whole bunch of beads to each fleur de lis and assemble the garment.  You can see in a little pile just above the doublet front, the little gem sets I’m going to use as the focal bead for each fleur.  My remote control for the television that keeps me company is right there where I last laid it down.  On the far left is a stack of button boxes I had out to look through and choose the buttons that I’ll use on this order.  Behind those is the stack of Lionel’s fabrics and the bolt of the trim I’m using.  There’s a cardboard box which contains a skirt set I need to finish altering for a Pendragon customer.  The New Home sewing machine visible at the top of the photo is the very first sewing machine I ever owned—a gift from my mama and daddy my first Christmas in college.  Twenty-eight years later, I still use it on almost every project . . . it’s the best machine I have for zig zag stitching!  And of course, there are the usual tools of the trade scattered about:  magnetic pin cushion, rotary cutting wheel, scissors, spools of thread and the water bottle in the foreground isn’t for drinking, it’s the water for my iron.  The drinking happens out of that amber-coloured glass bottle in the middle of the table!