Kyle in the Beer Aisle

8 March 2009

Sundays are for sewing in these last weeks before faire, but today, my husband surprised me with the suggestion that we go see a movie! So, in the middle of my work day, I was spirited away to enjoy Hollywood’s brilliant rendition of one of the best comic books of all time. Watchmen. No spoilers, here. I will simply say that I cannot imagine any comics fans not absolutely loving this film. I am afraid, however, that for those who aren’t prepared, or who head to the theatre expecting another good-triumphs-over-evil-super-heroes-save-the-day-movie, there will be some shock and disappointment. Oh well. This is a fabulous film.

After the movie, we did the grocery store thing —a job neither of us enjoy. But, I amused myself by taking a few photos, as did Kyle, I believe. I didn’t even realize when I took this, that it was the beer aisle he was walking. I am now amused.

Back to work, then . . . there is much hand-sewing in my near future.