Kyle After Irish Festival

7 March 2009

North Texas Irish Festival

The one real drawback to working practically the entire festival day, is that I didn’t ever have the time to take photos.  So, as we were walking to our car after ten hours at the Irish Festival, we stopped to take pictures.  After shooting this one, we also poked around a dark livestock barn and snapped a few there.  The light was wonderful streaming through the bars and fences; the vertical poles throughout the structure providing fabulous shadows—but I was too tired to get clever with the camera.  My shots are merely average.  I’m hoping Kyle got some good ones.

We had a wonderful day!  NTIF has for many years, been the unofficial start to our faire season.  After this weekend, we’ll now spend at least one day a week at the faire site, getting ready for opening.  At the Irish festival, we see dozens of people we normally only see at faire, as well as most of our very best friends.  It’s a time to kick back and enjoy each other’s company without the worries of booths and costumes.  And, it’s an opportunity to hear some pretty wonderful Celtic music. 

This year, I officially signed up in advance to volunteer some time working the festival.  Volunteering earns free admission and free parking.  And two three hour shifts earns you a free t-shirt.  For a couple of years I’ve just shown up and offered to help Doug with the whiskey tasting event.  He has always needed at least one more body than he had scheduled, so it worked out great.  It gave me something to do, and it helped him and the festival.  Well, last year, about an hour into the whiskey tasting, he got a radio call that one of the beer tents was severely understaffed.  He asked me if I’d be willing to go do that instead.  So, always up for something new, off I went.  My enthusiasm made up for my experience deficit, and I had a great time.   So, this year, I decided to make my volunteering official—it seemed the logical thing to do, after two years of both working and paying to get in!

I didn’t realize that working two shifts in one day would eat up as much of the day as it did.  I know I’ve already heard from a few of my friends that wish I’d been able to play more.  But, in actuality, I had a blast!  I worked the whisky tasting the entire four hours it was open, and then helped with the clean up for another half hour or so.  I had nearly an hour in between shifts to enjoy some music and grab a bite to eat.  During that time I got to briefly visit with bunches of folks I love, and I collected many hugs and kisses!  At seven-thirty, I jumped into my slot at the beer tent closest to the big rock music stage where Kyle and all my friends were hanging.   I’m sure I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much if I’d been in a far corner of the festival, but as it was, I was happy as a clam.  I got to sell Kyle and many friends their beer!  And, I got to listen to great music, too!  Any time we were a little slow and I had a chance to clap and bounce around to the music a bit, I did! But, mostly I worked by butt off!  I had no idea it would be a good enough workout that my calves would be sore the next day!  Ouch!  🙂  I learned how to pour a good half and half, black and tan, black and blue, and black and red!  (Love that little spoon!)  Next year, my goal is to learn how to put the shamrock in the top of the Guinness!