You can live outside, now.

5 February 2009

This is the little reptile I have shared my workshop with all winter.  I worried about her presence at first, being afraid she would need food and water that she wouldn’t find burrowing in my fabric.  But, I was finally convinced there would be spiders enough, and that if she got in  . . . she could probably get out!  So, I let her be, and every now and then I’d see her and pick her up and talk to her and then she’d scurry away.  Today, I found her in my dining room!  I decided it was time for her to go outside and enjoy our early Texas spring.

We have these lizards in plentiful numbers around our house.  I believe they help keep our insect populations low enough to be tolerable in these years of such moderate Texas winters.  I love seeing them, and I will miss coming across this little one in my workshop from time to time.

Since I’ve written about them before, all the “lizard facts” are here.